Commercial Food and Product Photography

Welcome to Works Photography for Business Studio! We know how important high-quality images are in marketing your commercial food and products. We also know that affordability is a factor in selecting a photographer to showcase your wares. To address those factors we have created two process paths to simplify delivering the images that meet both online and printed marketing goals. Works Photography is based in Melbourne Beach, FL. We serve the entire United States for small product photography and local clients in the greater central Florida area, including Orlando, Melbourne and Vero Beach. 

White Background Photography

Many online sellers such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and Shopify have guidelines for photography to maintain a level of consistency in their presentation. To meet those requirements we offer the White Background service. This insures that your photos will be ready to go where ever white backgrounds are needed.

Custom Photography

Often times your product may need help to accentuate the features and use. Perhaps the mood is better set with props , colored background or special lighting.  To meet these needs we offer our Custom Photography service. Special backgrounds, tabletop surfaces and additional props can be added to the scene to complete an environment that best highlights your  product.

How It Works

Place an Order

Start by submitting the appropriate order form, either “White Background” or “Custom” from the “Order/Contact Us” page.


We’ll contact you to review your project, answer any questions and finalize your order.

Send Your Products

Pack and send your products to us. Make sure to pick the best samples you have and pack carefully!


We’ll complete the photography based on the consultation. It generally takes about 1 week to shoot and edit the images.

Review and Approve

When the photography is complete, the photos will be loaded to our review site for you to approve. Upon approval we’ll send an electronic invoice for the project.

Download Images

Upon receipt of payment we will upload the images to Dropbox for your access. We will leave the images online for a minimum of 90 days.

White Background Photography

Our White Background Photography is designed to get your photos ready for online sellers such as Amazon and Ebay. These images are delivered in high-resolution square format at 3000 x 3000 pixels. You can include up to 3 items (subject to size) in each scene. You can choose to have the item shot from various angles to highlight different features. We will provide post production editing to clear up scratches, dust or minor product defects.


Custom Photography

Our Custom Photography gives you a lot more creative freedom. We will work with you to design a mini-set to create an image that is suitable for editorial and advertising collateral. We also give you the capability to upload images that are similar to how you would like your image to be created. We include detailed post editing to provide an image ready to go for your print and online needs.

Food Photography

Depending on your food product we can also create a mini-set to better showcase the edibles in a more natural setting. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your food product and let’s see how we can help.  For local Central Florida resident’s we can also offer on-location shoots.


Hand Modeling

Your product may be aided by including hand modeling to show functionality or size context. We offer both male and female adult hand modeling to help enhance your product images.

Cutout – Knockout – Transparency

If you would like a transparency, also know as a cutout or knockout we can accommodate! These images are created by cutting out the item from the background and leaving only the item with no shadow or reflection. The images on the right show a cutout, then the image with a small shadow and finally a version with a small reflection.